Our Services | Atölye 25 Mimarlık, İç Mimarlık, Mağaza, Ofis, Restaurant
Architectural Design and Project
Starting from the design stage to the key distribution, we provide professional project service in all processes. We work on 15.000 m2 hospital, 150 m2 office, various scales.

Without compromising on quality, we are creating projects that will make our business partners happy by offering the ideal conditions.
Architectural Applications
Atolye 25 creates turnkey applications such as stores, offices, banks, restaurants, cafés etc.

It accurately identifies the needs and pleasures of its customers and fulfills the right design and application in a short period of time in accordance with its budgets and requests.
Project Management
We rigorously carry out the planning, organizing, procurement and management of resources in order to reach and complete the goals and objectives of an imagined project.